Snug Harbor believes in providing a safe place for you to drop anchor and weather the storm.

The name, Snug Harbor, has been in my family since the 1950’s when my grandfather, Edgar Ruark, had a sober living home in South El Monte. Our vision is to provide a safe and therapeutic community where everyone can feel welcome and accepted on the journey to a sober future. Our very own founder, Jeff Collins, has personally had decades of failed attempts at sobriety. After a personal tragedy in early 2000, his relapse ended in handcuffs. Forfeiting a term of 157 months, 8 days, and 9 hours of incarceration, he was released on February 4, 2016. Jeff moved to the lower desert area and was able to overcome his addiction and is now able to live a life he’d only dreamed of. Having walked in the footsteps of addiction before, we know that if you have faith, focus on abstinence and recovery, and believe in yourself, you will overcome addiction one step at a time.

The Snug Harbor Sober Living home is located in the eclectic Desert Hot Springs community.


66275 Ironwood Dr.
Desert Hot Springs CA 92240

Jeff Collins Founder/Director/Friend
Phone: (760) 851-4992

Email: info@snugharborca.com

Call us today to view our home and discuss living the sober life you deserve. We are available 24/7 and look forward to sharing what life has to offer.

At Snug Harbor we understand that recovery is hard work so we have regular house meetings to stay focused, discuss issues and build community. Everyone is required to work a 12 step program with a sponsor and attend regular NA/AA meetings. Recovery isn’t for people who need it, but for people who want it, and Snug Harbor helps you achieve that one day at a time.